Ministry of Fiscal Affairs (Millania)

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Ministry of Fiscal Affairs
Agency overview
Formed 8 January 2018
Jurisdiction Millania
Headquarters Nicosi City
Employees 1
Minister responsible Sir Edmund Howell, Minister of Fiscal Affairs

# Portait Name Party
Minister of Fiscal Affairs
1 HRCH Sir Edmund Howell Liberals

The role of the Ministry of Fiscal Affairs is to ensure the prosperity of the Government and People of Millania, and Register companies and ensure competition, Ensure safe and fair trade within Millania, and with other entities, and Oversee the Economy of Millania, and the Funding of the Ministries of Millania.

Government funds

Millania’s government must be funded equally between each ministry, unless Millania is in a state of conflict or war, in which case funding will be directed to the Armed Forces, Ministry of Homeland Security, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or Millania as a whole is to host an event, in which case funding will be directed to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Fiscal Affairs, and the Ministry of Homeland Security.