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City of Pasabrillo
City, Capital District
Flag of City of Pasabrillo
Official seal of City of Pasabrillo
"Repulse Bay"
Mother Country Millania
Incorporated1 December 2017 (as Canton)
Founded byCharlotte Baxter-Bray
City HallPasabrillo
 • MayorNicolás Millán
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC +8:00 (CST)
ZIP code
Vehicle registrationSL 1--

Pasabrillo, or Chienshei Wan, is the capital and largest city in the Union of Millania and New Granada by residential population, with a population of three. It, however, has a non-residential population of three, consistent of different people.

Pasabrillo is the seat of the Council of Four, the Palacio Lichinagrada, and the Teratagapalaxa, the seat of the Terataga. It is also home to most major government agencies, and embassies. On top of this, a ward known as the Port of Canton historically has been the seat of the military, and is home to the garrison of the Naval Infantry and Navy, and the Admiralty.


The name Pasabrillo was derived from the Millanic translation of Puente de Paz, or Bridge of Peace. The reason behind this is because it is where the seat of the Council of Four is, which brought peace to the region.


The city, originally named Canton, was originally the political and administrative center of only the Oriental Prefectures since mid-2017, and housed all government agencies until the rechristening of Canton (now Pasabrillo). When Pasabrillo was made a city, it was promised that it would be made the second and major capital under the first Act of Union. Since then, most major government agencies have left Granada Nicosi and are now situated in Pasabrillo.

Off the coast of the city was signed the First Act of Union or Treaty of the Sea, which was the foundation work for the current Union between Millania and Cornosia and Howellville (now Yochtia.)


The City sits in multiple pockets on the coastline of Hong Kong and consists of apartment buildings and houses. It also claims natural land in the form of small pockets of forest, which together form the Cantonese National Park.


The city is divided into three wards: Centro, Port of Canton, and Outlying Areas. El Centro is the most populated district, and the center of political and economic activity, housing the seats of the Terataga, Cartegasa, all of the Ministries, and Council of Four. Port of Canton is the seat of the Millanian Armed Forces, housing Admiralty, the Army Headquarters, and Mary Magdalene's Airfield (the seat of the Air Force. The Outlying Areas is the district mainly used in foreign affairs, housing some of the diplomatic missions from other nations. It also is the seat of part of the Imperial Family, hosting the Palacio Lichinagrada.


Multiple roads run across Pasabrillo, such as First Avenue, which runs northbound in the Port of Canton, Second Avenue, which runs eastbound in el Centro, and Third Avenue (His Majesty's Avenue), Fourth Avenue, First Street, and Second Street, which form a square around the Palacio Lichinagrada.


Granada Nicosi is explicitly described in the First Act of Union as the second capital city of Millania and the seat of the Council of Four. The city is directly administered by the government of Seilung, which relies on the Mayor of Pasabrillo to look after the city's affairs. The current Mayor is Nicolas Millan, appointed in 2020.

List of Prefect-Mayors

Sister cities

Granada Nicosi has two sister cities, both of which were gained through phase one of the GUM Sister Cities project.