Imperial Air Force of Millania

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Imperial Aviation Force

Millanian Aviation Force Wings
Country Millania
Role Aerial support to the Armed Forces and defense of the Empire.
Size 2 Active Personnel
Anniversaries 14 May
Lord Marshal Sga. Edmund Howell
Air Marshal Ge. Jack Satterfield
Fin Flash
Bravura, the official march of the Aviation Force.

The Millanian Aviation Force (Spanish: Fuerza Aérea Millániana) is the Air Force of the Union of Millania and New Granada. The Millanian Aviation Force is one of the five institutions of the Armed Forces of Millania, charged with working to exercise and maintain control of Millania's airspace and to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and order. It is notable for containing one of the only piloted aircraft in any micronational air force.

Maritime Aviation Corps Squadron

The Millanian Maritime Aviation Corps Squadron is the naval air force of Millania. It is charged with working to exercise and maintain control of Millania's marine airspace (and exclusive economic zone) and to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and order. The Corps was part of the Navy until 2018, when the Aviation Force was reformed.

Cosmonautic Force Corps

The Millanian Cosmonautic Force Corps is a military body dedicated to the research of nuclear and generally explosive technology, as well as launching spacecraft into the stratosphere and into orbit for national use. Its predecessor, the Stratospheric Agency of Millania, was integrated in 2020 in order to consolidate all air based operations in one single force.

Air Force Special Commandos Corps

The Air Force Special Commandos Corps is the air force ground force of Millania, and was created to support the Army where needed during wartime if battle became more prevalent on land. Doubling as the Aviation Force itself, it is charged with the protection of Millania's only air base, located in San Pedro.

Roundel of the Millanian Maritime Aviation Squadron.


Aviation Force Headquarters (located in San Pedro)

  • Aviation Force General Staff
  • Aviation Force Schools Group
    • Aviation Force School of Cadets
    • Aviation Force Flight School
    • Aviation Force Unmanned Aerial Systems School
    • Aviation Force Space and Aeronautic Systems School
  • Telecommunications Corps
  • Aviation Force Tribunal

Combat Air Command (located in San Pedro)

  • First Wing at San Pedro Air Base
    • First Squadron with Cessna DA-40

Maritime Aviation Command (located in Pasabrillo and Lichingrad)

  • Aviation Force Representation to the National Government
  • First Wing at Lichingrad Air Base
    • Second Squadron with various Unmanned Aerial Systems

Cosmonautic Force Corps Command (located in Greenhill)

  • Nuclear Research Corps
  • First Wing at Lichingrad Air Base
    • Aeronautic and Cosmonautic Squadron (vehicles under construction)

Air Force Special Commandos Corps Command (located in Yeetport)

  • 1st Platoon
Senior Officers of the Aviation Force
Gran General del Aire
Grand Marshal of the Air
Señor General del Aire
Lord Marshal of the Air
General de Escuadrilla
Squadron Marshal
O-10 O-9 O-8
Officers of the Aviation Force
Teniente Coronel
Liutennant Colonel
Oficial Cadete
Officer Cadet
O-3 O-2 O-1 O-N
Enlisted Ranks of the Aviation Force
Suboficial Mayor
Warrant Officer
Técnico Jefe
Chief Technician
no equivalent no equivalent Mayor Técnico
Master Technician
Técnico Primero
Technician 1st Class
Air Technician
E-7 E-6 E-5 E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1