Ministry of Culture (Millania)

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Ministry of Culture
Ministerio de Cultura
Agency overview
Formed 1 December 2017
Jurisdiction Millania
Headquarters Nicosi City
Employees 1
Minister responsible Charlotte Baxter-Bray

The Ministry of Culture is the government body responsible for the promotion, protection and dissemination of historical heritage, national museums, art, books, reading and literary creation, and cinematographic and audiovisual activities.

Secretariats and Offices

  • Culture Secretariat
    • Cultural Industries Office
    • Intellectual Property Office
    • Office for Cultural Cooperation with the Realms
    • Historical Heritage Office
  • Fine Arts Secretariat
    • Promotion of Fine Arts Office
    • Office for Promotion of Reading and Literature
  • Sports Secretariat
    • Millanian Olympic Committee
    • National Sports Office


  • National Museum
  • Pasabrillo Conservatory of the Arts

List of Ministers

# Portait Name Party
Minister of Culture
1 Ethan Leung Communists