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Intelligence Agency of the Millanian Commonwealth
to be created
Logo of the Agency
Active 2012 as Millán Group, Inc. Independent Secret Service
Country The Imperial Empire of Millania and New Granada
Role Protecting the Millanian Empire and its interests, as well as helping allied nations.
Size 6 active personnel
Motto Miseris Sucerre Disco
Anniversaries 7 June
Engagements Granadine-Cornosian Wars
Inspector-General Jackson Mariano
Deputy Inspector-General Classified

Notable Feats

The IAMC was the First intelligence agency to find extreme Vandalism on Numerous Occitanian Pages. The IAMC has been found to have given information to the Andanian Government during an attempted Coup against Prince Pablo I using the Pseudonym "President Gerrard Lefevre." The IAMC was the Intelligence Agency which extracted most crucial information from the Andanian Government during the Macías Scandals, or Second Andany Scandals. The IAMC was heavily involved in the restoration of the Aenderese Government and the founding of the Fifth Republic. It invested much of its resources and manpower to the preservation of the ENL (Ejercito Nacional por Libertad).