Millanian Commonwealth

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Millanian Commonwealth
Millanic Nations

Headquarters Imperia, Seilung, Millania

Official language English, Spanish, Millanic, Yochtese

Registered states 4 (5 including constituent states)

Population 53

Sovereign Carlos I
Secretary-General Nicolás I

– Foundation 2 June 2018

The Millanian Commonwealth is an entity that refers to states that officially designate themselves as having historical or political ties to the Millanian Empire, and is comprised of former colonies and highly influenced nations. The realm was founded in June 2018, in order to keep a bond between Millania's former territorial possessions and allies. "Registered" states have no obligations and the registry is allowed only to those states with a specific reason to be the latter. Requirements for joining are either a former territorial affiliation with Millania, an acknowledgement of the Emperor as their feudal superior, or large Millanian political and/or cultural influence.

Member States