Duke Civil Conflict

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Duke Civil Conflict
Part of Duke history
Dukian Propaganda Poster
Date10 March 2018-15 March 2018
Status Civil War
Peoples Republic of Duke Peoples Military Force Dukian Rebel Force
Commanders and leaders
President Tom Kap and Zoe Kap General Javier T. , General Liem T., and General Ale J.
5 6
Peacefully Resolved


It started by a disagreement in a Duke Council Session. It was about 3 regions which spoke there own language and were not dominated by the Hyesanien Ethnic Group. Then they couldn't come to an agreement and the rebels began attacking Chathamnese people (From Mainland Duke).


The Dukian Government responds by sending troops to the areas. The troops got attacked and several protests occur. The President is kept in his home surrounded by the Dukian military. Martial Law is than Declared and a curfew at 10.00pm

End and Peace Talks

The two sides meet in UNIS Province for peace talks. In the end they succeed. Duke is not Partitioned. Joy spreads through the nation. The parliament draft and later officially agrees on the Agreement act. This act is designed to prevent any conflict like the Duke Civil Conflict. It is designed to keep peace. A parade is held in Chatham City to mark the end of the war.


In the aftermath Duke rebuilds some places destroyed by the conflict and treaties are made to prevent something like this to ever happen again. Dukian Leaders meet and they plan to treat there nation to the Peoples Republic of Duke Inter Province Games to be united and to have a fun event.