Tom I, Prince of Duke

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Thomas Kap I
Tom I in 2020. Behind him is a movie poster which is located near the border with the USA.
Prince of Duke Captain Regent of Kayutsastan
Reign25 December 2018–present
CoronationNot crowned
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorNone/Life Position
Born22 January 2006 (2006-01-22) (age 18)
Manhattan, New York
Thomas Yusef Kap

Tom I is the Prince of the Kayutsastan. He has been a micronationalist since October 5, 2017.

Pre-micronational life

Tom used to live in Shanghai, China. During this time he had an adventure around China and Asia. It was an experience that he'll never forget. He really likes Chinese culture and misses his old home very much. Tom always thought about owning a nation. One day he did. Thus the People's Republic of Duke was born. His first thought was when in 2nd grade he met a boy who had one known as Lakaloe. He then thought for the next few years the exact same thought. How awesome would it be to become a leader. So one day after chatting with Kamau, one of his good friends, he made one. Kamau made one too. Tom Kap loves Martial arts, Video Games, Micronations, and Animals. He enjoys studying about history and he really likes MicroWiki. He describes it as a community where fellow micronationalists can share there culture and nation to there fellow members.


Tom is the leader of Kayutsastan, which is a part of Millania.

Political Views

Tom is a moderate conservative.