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Two articles originating from the USAS and Wurtzemburg

A nanonation is a small model country that is based within a larger micronation, either by having declared territorial independence from a micronation or by being politically and culturally within the tradition of the micronation of its founders. In other words, a nanonation is to its parent micronation what a micronation is to its parent macronation; small preceding entities or micronations of similar seriousness seceding from one another are not considered nanonations.[1]


The term dates back to at least October 2016, when Max I of the Kingdom of Jupiter coined the term and posted on the MicroWiki Forums "I am slightly annoyed with my mirconation right now. I also want to try different things but stay with Jupiter. So is it possible to have a micronation inside a micronation, a nanonation of sorts?"[2]

The term was later used in July 2018, when Aaron Penyami used the term to describe a nation which declared sovereignty in the stradan micronation, Libernia.

The term was used in December 2018 by Glastieven T, who used it to describe the idea of a "model country within a micronation" (New Secessionist jargon for a micronation not based on a group of friends within a micronation based on a group of friends). A friend of his, Ives Blackwood, did some work to promote the term in the community, incorrectly crediting T with coining it.

List of nanonations

Name Micronation Years active
The Flag of Mikaris.png Kingdom of Mikaris Envardian Flag.jpeg Envardian Republic
Flag of Glastieve.png Holy Glastieven Commonwealth
Mid-2018–March 2020
IMG 6049 3.JPG Republic of Wurtzemburg IMG 3176b.png Republic of Libernia July 2018–present
Flag of Pinelandia • Drapeau de Pinelandia.png New Pineland Flag of Pinelandia (SVG version) • Drapeau de Pinelandia (Version SVG).svg Kingdom of Pinelandia November 2019–present
Rebel Republic of Ernest.png Rebel Republic of Ernest Ernest.jpegRepublic of Ernest April–May 2020


Model countries within nanonations are also possible. One instance where this came about organically — i.e. without the intention to form a piconation for the sake of it — was the Kingdom of Sairmaena in summer 2019. Sairmaena was created as a hobby micronational project within the wider tradition of the Kingdom of Mikaris (which was a more experimental project that was used as an umbrella for several different initiatives). The Kingdom of Mikaris was run by Glastievens X and δ and was considered a nanonation of the Envardian Republic and later the Holy Glastieven Commonwealth. Sairmaena, therefore, was a micronation project within the cultural tradition of a nanonation (the Kingdom of Mikaris) that was within the cultural tradition of a micronation (Glastieve).


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