Republic of SEnteral Excitement

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SEnteral Excitement
Centre of North American Excitement

Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Et dominus deus excercituum (Latin: God will protect you)
Anthem: Land of the Brave Men
Capitalnow Saraseubad
Largest cityFreneau, Eshaanland
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Eshaan I (Oct 2019-Feb 2020)
Pravar Gollamudi (Sept-Oct 2019)
• President
Eshaan I
• Army Chief
Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad
Establishment28 September 2019
• Census
14 (pre-Timonocitian Civil War) 3 (during Timonocitian Civil War)
Currencyw:United StatesUnited States Dollar

w:IndiaIndian Rupee

w:CanadaCanadian Dollar
Time zoneSee: Timonocitian Time
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Circle Island
Timonocite Empire

The Republic of SEnteral Excitement, more commonly known simply as SEnteral Excitement, was a micronation that existed from 11:31 AM on 28 September 2019 to 9:24 AM on 10 February 2020. Its dissolution happened due to the end of tensions with Timo, and their merging to form the unified Timonocite Empire.


Due to the lack of information, the etymology of the name SEnteral Excitement remains unknown.


SEnteral Excitement was an absolute monarchy during its period of existence. Decisions had to be approved by the king, the president and the army chief to be accepted. If the king disapproved a law that the president and army chief approved, the king's decision overtook the others.


SEnteral Excitement was originally divided into subdivisions known as either duchies or counties. Each one was divided up into miniprovinces, which are known as microprovinces in modern Timonoucitian context.


Founded on 28 September 2019, Pravarland was ruled by Pravar Gollamudi and included roughly 2242 square feet of land. It later evolved into the modern Grand Duchy of Timo. It lost all land to Timo on 4 October 2019 but remained as a duchy for 2 more days until the Timo Party of SEnteral Excitement was disbanded.

Pravar Gollamudi City

This was the only miniprovince of Pravarland, and later evolved into Pravar Gollamudi Village.


Founded alongside Timo and Shreeland, Eshaanland was ruled by Eshaan I. It eventually evolved into the Duchy of Ticetown-Jackberg, then into the District of Eshaanland. It encompassed 2366 square feet of land.

North Freneau

This was a large piece of land consisting of much of Eshaanland, and was later the part of the District of Eshaanland that was part of the duchy of SEnteral Excitement.


This was a smaller piece of land, enclaved by North Freneau on all sides and consisting only of a small deck and a desk that served as the capital.


Shreeland was the largest duchy of SEnteral Excitement at 4200 square feet. It consisted of the house of Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad, and was later turned into The Second SEnteral Excitement.

West Shreeland

East Shreeland


This was a duchy in SEnteral Excitement. However, relatively little information remains.


This was another duchy, however, as with Adityanland, little to no information remains.

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