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Eshaan I

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Eshaan Bhargav Patel
'Selfies are banned in the Timonocite Empire, so there is no picture.'
Great Emperor of the Timonocite Empire
Reign 10 February 2020 - present
Predecessor Timonocitian Cold Civil War
Heir apparent Deven Patel
Prime Minister Daniel McGrath
President of SEnteral Excitement
In office 28 September 2019 - 10 February 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad
Head of the Timonocitian Republican Party (Ticit Saaro Mi)
In office 2 June 2020 - present
Predecessor Party established
House Patel
Born 18 February 2010 (2010-02-18) (age 10)
Morganville, New Jersey
Religion BAPS Shri Swaminarayn

Great Emperor Eshaan I, also Eshaan Bhargav Patel or His Excellence Great Emperor Eshaan I, locally Patl Ee-shaan-bha, is the founder and great emperor of the Timonocite Empire.

He is considered to have founded the nation in September 2019. Recognised in the nation, reffered to as a micronation by outsiders as great emperor, he has reigned since the founding of SEnteral Excitement and the founding of the Timonocite Empire. His successor is incumbent. His heir apparent is his 7-year-old brother, Deven Bhargav Patel, former duke of the Duchy of Ticetown-Jackberg.

Early life

Eshaan was born on 18 February 2010 at 20:30 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He lived in the hospital for a few days (he was a baby of course) before moving on and going home. He had to be put in an area where he could learn to breath properly, and he was the loudest crying baby.

Founding father of the Timonocite

Eshaan attended Robertsville Elementary School in Marlboro, NJ. Just a few days after the school's reception of the Star Spangled Banner in 2019 (4th Grade), he chose to become independent after reading the wikiHow article How to Start Your Own Country. This inspired him to create the micronation of the Timonocite Empire. After reading the questions on the article, he found the nation of Juclandia quite interesting. Due to this, he visited the website and learned even more about micronationalism. He also saw MicroWiki for the first time. After a few days, he revealed the founding to Pravar Gollamudi and Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad. A day later, now the 29th of September, his parents got into an accident, when a car in what's now Texas crashed into a car on what is currently Excitement Route 3 and pushed the car across the current border into Wooleytown. Afterwards, he continued to tell everybody about this nation. Arihan Bahl, Adityan Ragudaran and Pravar Gollamudi added more citiquexens with Eshaan's consent.

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