Timonoucitian First Civil War

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Timonocitian Cold Civil War
Date4 October 2019 - 10 February 2020
Result Treaty of Nate City and Formation of the Timonocite Empire
TimonoucitilandRepublic of SEnteral Excitement  Timo
Commanders and leaders

Eshaan B. Patel

Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad
Pravar Gollamudi
3 11

The Timonoucitian Civil War, known as the Timonocitian Cold Civil War prior to November 2020, was a war between the Republic of SEnteral Excitement and the Timonian Republic. The Timonian Republic was a nanonation having declared from the other. Independence was declared on 3 October 2019, and cold war broke out the next day. Timo claimed that SEnteral Excitement in face was a nanonation having illegally declared independence from Timo, as Pravar Gollamudi claimed that Timo was founded in 2014. No evidence for the claim has since been found. A large amount of arguing and population growth on both sides had left both bitter. SEnteral Excitement ultimately won, even with 8 less people than Timo. However, the the war officially ended on 10 February 2020, at 11:13 AM, with the signing of the Treaty of Nate City. The document from the treaty is thought to be "thrown away in the trash".