Sanarati Water Force and Coast Guard

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Sanarati Water Force and Coast Guard
Active2 December 2020 - Present
Country Timonoucite Empire
Part ofMilitary of the Timonoucite Empire
HeadquartersDistrict of Eshaanland, Saraseubad Capital Territory Timo side, Timonoucite Empire
Nickname(s)Timonoucitian Water Force
Motto(s)Imperium tenet aequora (The Empire takes the seas)
EmperorGreat Emperor Eshaan I

The Timonoucitian Water Force, officially the Sanarati Water Force and Coast Guard, is the maritime branch of the military of the Timonoucite Empire.


The Timonoucitian Water force was initially founded on 29 September 2020, known as the SEnteral Excitement Navy. It was disbanded on 5 October 2020, after the president briefly stated, "But why do we need this 'navy' if the nation is landlocked!" In response, seconds after the statement was spoken, the navy was disbanded.

In November 2020, it was recreated as the Timonocitian Water Force, which renamed to the Timonoucitian Water Force. All former members of the SEnteral Excitement Navy were brought back.