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Symbols of the Timonocite Empire

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Symbols of the Timonocite Empire, locally known as Ticit Rkeef Saras, are things that represent the Timonocite Empire.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms of the Timonocite Empire.


The coat of arms features the sun in between two flags of the Timonocite Empire sitting above a star on the Ticit Pheerongeenosee (literally "Timonocitian Shield"). The space under the star is orange. The words "Timonocite Empire" are written around the top point of the star.

The star symbolised freedom. The sun and moon represent science, philosophy, and astronomy. The flags are there as decoration, but it is common Timonocitian knowledge that they represent loyalty, patriotism, love and allegiance to the Empire.


National flags


Most Common Flag of the Timonocite Empire.

The flag is nothing but navy blue, as it is the national colour of the Nation, and the favourite colour of the Emperor.

Little is of interest of the flag, but it is featured four times on the Coat of Arms. The navy blue symbolises that Timonocitians have fully covered up the Evil Forces.

Variant Flag

Variant Flag

This non-quadrilateral variant flag has a dark grey triangle on the left, and a blue star on the centre. The grey represents evil, and the blue represents evil getting pushed off by the Timonocitians. The star is a "good-luck charm".

Duchial Flags

Flag of Timo

SEnteral Excitement design

It includes the Timonocitian flag covering it, with a gold square with 4 diamonds symbolising peace, unity, citisenship, and the great duke (Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad). It is the only duchy of the Timonocite Empire to have a quadrilateral shape.

Timo design

Main article: Flag of Timo

Cytopia design

Flag of Cytopia

The flag of Cytopia has a brown dot in a frame of blue and gold stripes. The red border symbolises that the Evil is pushed away. The star is considered to be the sun, and the brown circle the moon.

Flag of Dhruvland

Dhruvland design

The Dhruvi flag has a banner in the top left showing the Timonocitian Flag, a 7-pointed star to symbolise god(s), and a "river" showing all the good deeds of Dhruvi people flowing toward the gods.

Microprovincial flags

Not every microprovince has a flag, but some do.

Pravar Gollamudi Village flag

The flag is in a green background, and a 7-pointed golden star (like the Dhruvi flag) shows victory.

Flag of Nate City.

Nate City flag

This flag shows ab upward path. At the end, it falls onto the sun, symbolising god being achieved. A river shows the good deeds in God's abode.

Texas flag

Flag of Texas

This square flag lightly resembles the one of Vatican City. It has a dodecagon (god) in the larger rectangle, and nothing in the smaller. Like classic Sanarati flags, the smaller rectangle is evil being pushed out by the good (large rectangle).

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