Military of Timonoucitiland

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Military of the Timonocite Empire
टिमोनोउसिटिलैण्डस्य सशस्त्रसेना (sa)
Coat of arms of the Timonocite Empire
Mottoदेशस्य अन्तः शान्तिः राज्यं करिष्यति!
Peace shall reign within the land!
Founded29 September 2019 (originally the SEnteral Excitement Army)
Service branchesCyber Force

Aerospace Force

Water Force
HeadquartersDistrict of Shreeland, Sharaceubad, Ahvadis, Timonoucitiland
Army ChiefHis Excellency Vijay I
Military age8-75
Active personnel5
Reserve personnel4

In the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland, a functioning and independently trained military is kept for mostly ceremonial purposes. It is a subsidary of TiPAJA, which controls all intelligence agencies, the military, the police and the court system all together.