Politics of the Timonocite Empire

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The Timonocite Empire is a semi-democracy, which means it has democratic and authoritarian features. It is also a constitutional monarchy.

Political parties

The Timonocite Empire has 4 political parties. The nation's parties and legislature are still in formation.

Far-left Left-wing Centre-left Centre Centre-right Right-wing Far-right
Timonoucitian Socialist Party
Timonoucitian Democratic Party
Timonoucitian Emperor Party
Timonoucitian Conservative Party
Timonocitian Socialist Party
Ticit Sokia Nasodtikabeengu Mi
Timonocitian Democratic Party
Ticit Phibh Mi
Emperor Party
Ticit Saraseubad Samratai
Timonocitian Conservative Party
Ticit Saaro Mi

Smaller parties

Smaller parties also exist, however, they are unlikely to win any seats via elections.

Party Ideology Political position
Cytopia Party Cytopian indepencence N/A
Environmentalist Party Green politics Left-wing
Libertarian Party Libertarianism
Classical liberalism
Economic liberalism
National Party Nationalism

Environmentalist Party

A left-wing political party which believes in environmental protection.

Libertarian Party

A centrist political party that promotes libertarianism.

National Party

The centrist Nationalist Party believes in patriotism, as well as the authority of the Emperor and Prime Minister.

Former parties

These parties are officially dissolved/banned.

Communist Party

Another left-wing political party which believes in communism. It was banned on 27 November 2020.

Timo Party

This party called for Timonian independence. It was dissolved on 6 October 2019, following the founding of Timo as a republic. From 4–6 October 2019, it believed in incoorporating SEnteral Excitement into Timo.

Cytopia Party

The Cytopia Party, which believed in Cytopian independence, was dissolved on 21 April 2021 and replaced with the Cytopia-Dhruvland Party.

Cytopia-Dhruvland Party

The Cytopia-Dhruvland Party replaced the Cytopia Party in Cytopia in May 2021. Once Dhruvland and Cytopia merged in early June 2021, this party fully dissolved.

Jackberg Party

The Jackberg Party, established in March 2020 and dissolved exactly one year later, called for the independence of Duchy of Ticetown-Jackberg.

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