Central Drug Administration

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The CDA, officially the Central Drug Administration, is the Timonoucitian agency that classifies drugs into types.

Abbr. Stands for Description Example DR
S Safe Safe for use 24
SMS Safe with Mild Symptoms Safe for use

Mild symptoms

Pfiezer Coronavirus Vaccine 23
SLS Safe with larger symptoms Safe for use

Moderate symptoms

Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine 18
SPSS Safe with possibly serious symptoms Partially safe for use

Large symptoms

PS Possibly Safe Partially safe for use

Very large symptoms

UCS Unconfirmed Safety Partially unsafe for use

Unknown symptoms

Marajuana 8
CNS Confirmed Not Safe Not safe for use

Bad symptoms

Nicotine 3
NS Confirmed Very Not Safe Very unsafe for use

Bad symptoms

Confirmed Dangerous Very unsafe for use

Can result in death

Alchohol 2.4
Confirmed Very Dangerous Extremely unsafe for use

Fully unknown side effects

Snake venom 0