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District of Eshaanland

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Eshaanland District
ઈશાન્લેન્ડ (Gujarati)

Εισχανλανδ (Greek)

Isànlànð (Excitementorian)
—  Capital City  —


Coat of arms
Country #REDIRECT Template:Country data Timonoucitiland
Duchy  •  Timo
 •  SEnteral Excitement
Territory  •  Saraseubad
 - Great Emperor Eshaan I

Eshaanland, officially the District of Eshaanland, is the only district of the Timonocite Empire to exist. It is located within Saraseubad. It contains the imperial residence.


The flag was designed by Eshaan I. It has the Indian flag in the canton, as well as a shield with the Aum, a Hindu symbol, on it.


The District of Eshaanland was originally the Duchy of Eshaanland. It stayed with the former exclave Duchy of Shreeland and Timo (formerly the Duchy of Pravarland) gained sovergeinty over much of what is now North Saraseubad and Central Territory.

On 10 February 2020, Eshaanland became the capital city (known as Freaneau). Shreeland became SEnteral Excitement