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Treaty of Nate City

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The Treaty of Nate City was a treaty written by Eshaan B Patel to merge the Republic of SEnteral Excitement with the Timonian Republic. It is named after an old dispute on whether Nate City was part of Timo or SEnteral Excitement.[1] It was officially part of SEnteral Excitement on 11 February 2020.

Text in the treaty

Herefore, the nations of SEnteral Excitement and Timo will merge together to form the Timonocite Empire, with 2 counties1, Timo and The Second SEnteral Excitement2, with the TSSE ruled by Shreekrishna Avhad and Timo keeping its current leader.

Treaty signed by

The Treaty of Nate City was signed by Pravar Gollamudi, Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad, and Eshaan B Patel.


1Now known as duchies.

2Now known as SEnteral Excitement, back then also known as the TSSE.


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