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Ticit Nu Sarasæữbad
Flag of Sarasæữbad
Coat of arms of Sarasæữbad
Country Timonoucite Empire
Duchy •  Timo
 •  SEnteral Excitement
 • Great EmperorEshaan I

Sharaceubad (IPA: ǁä), locally Ticit Nu Sarasæữbad, officialy the Great Sharaceubad Capital Territory, is the only proper city within the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland. It was the capital from 1 June 2021, succeeding Bernadette, until it was succeeded by the District of Eshaanland. It has a size of about 1.52 square kilometres and a population of 19 inhabitants. There is a density of 12.5 people/square kilometre. It contains both the District of Eshaanland and the District of Shreeland.

Bernadette Capital of the Timonoucite Empire
1 June 2020 - 8 December 2022
District of Eshaanland