Holidays in the Timonocite Empire

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This is a list of all official state holidays in the Timonocite Empire.

Name Location Date Description
Anti-racist Day  Timonocite Empire 15 January Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.
Unity Day  Timonocite Empire 10 February Day that Timo united with SEnteral Excitement
New Years Day  Timonocite Empire 18 February Birthday of the Emperor
Disability Honour Day  Saraseubad 5 March Day to honour the disabled
Pravar Gollamudi Day  Timo 30 April Timonian day to honour Pravar Gollamudi
Elderly Honour Day  Timonocite Empire 2 May Day to honour the elderly
Shreekrishna Avhad Day  SEnteral Excitement 26 May Senteralexcitementian day to honour Shreekrishna Avhad
Beach Day  Saraseubad 15 August Day to honour the ocean
Flag Day  Timonocite Empire 12 September Day the first Timonocitian flag was ever flown
Anthem Day  Timonocite Empire 13 September

(if on Friday, moved to 14th)

Day to honour the anthem of the nation
Money day  Saraseubad
Pravar Gollamudi VillagePravar Gollamudi Village
20 September Day when first banknote Naahse was printed.

Similar to Black Friday

Do-whatever-you-want Day  Nate City 27 September Day when there are no laws
Independence Day  SEnteral Excitement 28 September Date of independence
Timo Day  Timo 4 October Date of Timonian independence
Diwali  Timonocite Empire October or November Date when Rama returned to Ayodhya
Christmas Day  Timonocite Empire 25 December Day when Santa Claus comes. Not religious.