Land of the Brave Men

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Land of the Brave Men is the official anthem of the Timonocite Empire. It was created by scientist, inventor, astronomer, poet and great emperor His Excellence Great Emperor Eshaan I. The lyrics go like this:

May the morning sun shine;

Feudal Timo & Excitement-run Principality of the Amazing Empire

Land of the Brave Men

On our wealth;

Of Copper, Silver, Gold;

Mustn’t we be proud?

We loyal to our glorious past;

We needn’t be mean to our fantastic leaders;

My beautiful homeland of eight billion people; (Earth)

We are a wise people;

Land of brave men;

We shall devote our bodies and minds;

To god, knowledge and supporting the Timonocite Empire forever‼

Land of Eshaan and Shree;

The best place on Earth;

We are the land of the brave men;

We shall pray and get wiser;

The land of a wise people.

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