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Grand Duchy of Timo

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For the earlier republic, see Timonian Republic.

Grand Duchy of Timo

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Capital cityPravar Gollamudi Village
Official language(s)Excitementorian, Timonocitian English, Gujarati, Northeast Timonian, Greek
Official religion(s)Hinduism
- DukePravar Gollamudi
Established12 October 2019
CurrencyTimonocitian Naahse

The Capitalist Pravarian Republic of The Grand Duchy of Timo, or just the PRT, Grand Duchy of Timo, or simply Timo, is a county of the Timonocite Empire.


Timo was initially formed as the Timonian Republic, a pro-democracy seperatist movement from the absolute dictatorship of SEnteral Excitement, on 4 October 2019. It eventually became an absolute dictatorship of its own. A cold war had been erupting between the nations, both claiming to be the sole official government of each other.


Timo has 9 subdivisions.

Name Flag Map Notes
 Bernadette BernadetteFlag.png Bernadette.png Former national capital
Central Territory N/A Central Territory.png
Greenwood N/A Greenwood.png
Northern Territory N/A Northern Territory.png
SarasæữbadNorth Sarasæʉbad
North Sarasaeubad.png National capital
Old Freaneau N/A Old Freaneau.png Former national capital
 Pravar Gollamudi Village
PGV.png Capital
South Aberdeen N/A South Aberdeen.png
Ticetown N/A Ticetown.png


Timo is ruled by the duke, formerly the president.