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Grand Duchy of Timo

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For the earlier republic, see Timonian Republic.

Grand Duchy of Timo

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Capital cityPravar Gollamudi Village
Official language(s)Excitementorian, Timonocitian English, Gujarati, Northeast Timonian, Greek
Official religion(s)Hinduism
- DukePravar Gollamudi
Established12 October 2019
CurrencyTimonocitian Naahse

Timo, officially the Pravarian Grand Duchy of Timo or Grand Duchy of Timo, is the largest duchy in the Timonoucite Empire.


Timo was initially formed as the Timonian Republic, a pro-democracy seperatist movement from the absolute dictatorship of SEnteral Excitement, on 4 October 2019. It eventually became an absolute dictatorship of its own. A cold war had been erupting between the nations, both claiming to be the sole official government of each other.

Politics and Government

As of November 2020, Timo has 5 seats in the Timonoucitian Parliament, however, only one is filled, by politician Brenden D'Souza, who does not live in Timo, but is a citizen of Timo. It, like the other duchies and territories, lacks its own regional parliament.


Timo is ruled by its duke (Pravar Gollamudi), who inherited the duchial throne after the Treaty of Nate City, which merged the Timonian Republic and the Republic of SEnteral Excitement to form the Timonocite Empire (now spelled Timonoucite Empire). It stated that president Pravar Gollamudi would stay as leader of Timo, but become duke instead.


Timo's government consists of the House of Representatives and the Imperial Home. The House of Representatives, also known as "the House", has a misleading name, since its members are actually the MPs from Timo in the Timonoucitian Parliament. The Imperial Home is ruled by the duke of Timo. Both are able to make regional laws for Timo.


Timo has 9 subdivisions.

Name Flag Map Notes
 Bernadette BernadetteFlag.png Bernadette.png Former national capital
Central Territory N/A Central Territory.png
Greenwood N/A Greenwood.png
Northern Territory N/A Northern Territory.png
SarasæữbadNorth Sarasæʉbad
North Sarasaeubad.png National capital
Old Freaneau N/A Old Freaneau.png Former national capital
 Pravar Gollamudi Village
PGV.png Capital
South Aberdeen N/A South Aberdeen.png
Ticetown N/A Ticetown.png

Currently, the Timonoucitian Imperial Residence in the District of Eshaanland is split between Timo and SEnteral Excitement, for peace purposes in the Treaty of Nate City. However, the bedroom of the Emperor was historically in SEnteral Excitement, but is currently in Timo, after the border through the house of the emperor was redrawn to not divide hallways, closets, the deck and bedrooms into two. This resulted in a non-straight border drawn through the Residence. Also, it has been proposed that a line cutting through the bed of the emperor into both Timo and SEnteral Excitement, with a new enclave of SEnteral Excitement as a result, be created. However, legal problems would arrive for any visitors, since on one side of the room Timonian laws would take place and the other side will be where SEnteralexcitementian laws take place.

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