Timonoucitian Naahse

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Timonocitian Naahse
ISO 4217
BanknotesLegal: 1 naahse, 2 naahse, 3 naahse, 4 naahse, 5 naahse, 10 naahse, 20 naahse, 25 naahse, 50 naahse, 100 naahse, 150 naahse, 200 naahse, 250 naahse, 300 naahse, 400 naahse, 500 naahse, 1000 naahse, 2000 naahse Legal only for nobles: 11 naahse, 1 crore naahse
CoinsFrequently used: 50ę, Ę1, Ę2, Ę5
Rarely used: 5ᵰ, 1ę, 5ę, 10ę, 20ę, Ę3, Ę4
User(s) Timonoucite Empire
Central bankBank of the Timonoucite Empire
SENBE (SEnteral Excitement National Bank Eshaan) (formerly)
PrinterAnyone can print, with a permit from the Eshaan I
Pegged withEuro (€0.10 = 1 naahse)
US$ ($0.12 = 1 naahse)

The Timonoucitian Naahse, locally called the Naahse, is the official currency of the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland. Its name was created from the name of the Emperor, Eshaan I backwards.


The United States Dollar was the original currency, until the founding fathers found that then they would be considered a tiny part of the U.S. state of New Jersey. They wanted their own currency. Before the banning of Google, they created a Google Slide and made the currency as only paper notes. Then after the bannation of Google, they converted the file to a PowerPoint, and then printed them. A resesign happened on 13 September 2020. The currency was first printed on 20 September 2020, Money Day. That day, the value decreased from US$4002.64329876 to US$0.124, though it is often put as US$0.12. It was later found that 1 naahse also equals 10 euro cents.

Ring Series

First printed in early 2020, the Ring Series of Naahse notes were distinguished by the blue bars (other series have red bars on every other denomination), the Times New Roman text on the front by the flag, the old Timonocite Empire text on the back and a ring around the Ęn text.

Oxygen Series

First printed in mid-2021, the Oxygen Series of Naahse notes were distinguished by the font change to Oxygen, the squaring of the hexagon, and a loss of the ring around the Ęn text. Timonocite Empire is changed to Timonoucite Empire.

Cryptology Series

In early-to-mid 2022, the TIB plans to release the Cryptology series of banknotes, with Braille text, a redesigned back, and new names also printed on the note. Timonoucite Empire is changed to Timonoucitiland.


Obverse Reverse Value Description
Ę1 Obverse: The words Ę1 in circle, a blue vertical stripe, ONE NAAHSE written in the corner, the flag, and a hexagon

Reverse: The words Bank of the Timonoucite Empire in the top-centre, as well as Ę1 written in the corner. A sun with a band which has a microprint reading "Ę1". The flag, motto and name of the emperor are on the right. On the bottom left, a message showing the legality of the note is present.


Value Name Plural Production Circulation
1ᵰ Whiner Whineri Ended No
5ᵰ Minitiner Minitineri Ongoing Hardly any
Tiner Tineria Ongoing Hardly any
10ę Minidecker Midekria Ongoing Hardly any
25ę Miniquarter Miquatria Ended Hardly any
50ę Minihalfer Mihalria Ongoing Yes
Ę1 Naahse Naahse Ongoing Yes
Ę2 Duet Duets Ongoing Hardly any
Ę3 Trio Trios Ended Hardly any
Ę4 Quartet Quartets Ended No
Ę5 Quintuple Quintuples Ongoing Yes
Ę10 Decker Deckers Ongoing Yes
Ę25 Quarter Quarters Ongoing Yes
Ę50 Halfer Halfers Ongoing Yes
Ę100 Hector Hectors Ongoing Yes
Ę200 Megaduet Meduetia Ongoing Yes
Ę500 Megahalfer Mehalria Ongoing Yes
Ę1000 Megadecker Medekria Ongoing Yes
Ę2000 Gigaduet Giduetia Ongoing Hardly any
Ę5000 Gigahalfer Gihalria Ended No
Ę10000 Gigadecker Gidekria Ongoing Hardly any


The Timonoucitian Government strongly discourages use of paper banknotes. In December 2021, Timonoucitiland ended production of all notes of value higher than Ę100 and banned notes with value higher than Ę5000. Those with notes higher than Ę5000 in value can still trade in their notes until 31 December 2021.

Value Name Plural Production Circulation
Ę1 enaz enazes Ongoing Yes
Ę2 duoz duozes Ongoing Yes
Ę3 triez triezes Ongoing Hardly any
Ę4 quariez quariezes Ended Hardly any
Ę5 pent pents Ongoing Yes
Ę10 decon decon Ongoing Yes
Ę50 quindecon quindecon Ongoing Yes
Ę100 hecton centon Ended Yes
Ę500 quinhecton quincenton Ended Yes
Ę1000 rangde rangd Ended Hardly any
Ę5000 quinrangde quinrangd Ended No
Ę10000 giggler giggles Ended No


TimonoucitilandTMN w:United StatesUSD w:European UnionEUR w:United KingdomGBP w:IndiaINR w:CanadaCAD w:AustraliaAUD BTC
Ę1 $0.12 €0.10 £0.091 ₹8.62 $0.15 $0.16 ฿0.00001
Ę2 $0.24 €0.20 £0.182 ₹18.24 $0.30 $0.32 ฿0.00002
Ę3 $0.36 €0.30 £0.273 ₹27.36 $0.45 $0.48 ฿0.00003
Ę4 $0.48 €0.40 £0.364 ₹36.48 $0.60 $0.64 ฿0.00004
Ę5 $0.60 €0.50 £0.455 ₹43.10 $0.72 $0.80 ฿0.00005
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