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Timonoucitiland Protection And Judge Administration
Agency overview
JurisdictionTimonocite Empire
Agency executive
Parent agencySVANC

TiPAJA, standing for the Timonocitiland Protection And Judge Administration, is the main organisation in the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland that handles the military, the police, the court system and any crimes that have happened.


Military of Timonoucitiland

The Timonoucitian Military is under TiPAJA control and allows the nation to defend itself in the rare case of war, or more commonly in the form of civil war.

Police of Timonoucitiland

In Timonoucitiland, the police department is responsible for the prevention of more civil wars and is handled directly by the Imperial Family.

Judicial System of Timonoucitiland

TiPAJA Imperial Investigation Bureau

The TiPAJA Imperial Investigation Bureau, or TIIB (pronounced "T2B") is the bureau that controls any person or object that has gone missing. It has not been assigned to any citizen yet but it still technically exists de jure, and as of December 2022, if it does need to be used, the head of TiPAJA will do all that is needed.

Macronational equivalents

This is Timonocite Empire's equivalent of the USA's FBI and USA's supreme court.

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