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Timonocitian Time

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Here are some time zones. Cytopia an a little bit of the western mainland are in Sanarat Mean-Cytopian Time, most of the mainland in Sanarat Great Time, and Dhruvland and Greenwood form Sanarati-Dhruvland Time.
Time zones. BLUE is Sanarat Mean-Cytopian Time, GOLD is Sanarati Great Time, GREEN is Sanarati-Dhruvland Time.

Sanarati Great Time (SGT), Sanarat Mean-Cytiopian Time (SMT), and Sanarat-Dhruvland Time (SDT) are the official Time Zones of the Timonocite Empire.


Sanarat Mean-Cytopian Time is UTC-4:04. Sanarati Great Time is UTC-4:00. Sanarati-Dhruvland Time is UTC-3:57.