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In micronational terminology, a macronation is a sovereign nation-state.[1] The term has no fixed definition: some states with limited recognition, such as the State of Israel and Republic of China (Taiwan), may be referred to as macronations, whilst others, such as the Republic of Abkhazia and Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria) may not.[2] The term dates back to at least the year 2000, when it was used on micronational Geocities website Micronations on the Web.[3]

According to micropatriologist Pedro Aguiar, the usage of macro- to denote entities related to macronations is commonly used to avoid the use of the word "real", which in contrast would denote micronations as something unreal or imaginary.

Relationship between micronations and macronations

In most cases, macronational authorities are unaware of micronations claiming sovereignty. If known about, many consider micronations unthreatening or hobbyist in nature. In contrast, hard secessionist micronations which go to great deals to present themselves as fully independent sovereign states have caused conflicts with macronational authorities over issues such as taxation and other aspects of the law.

Parallel plane theory, a micropatriological position, holds that micronational sovereignty over a people or territory does not preclude macronational sovereignty from extending there simultaneously, and that micronations should not try to become macronations. The theory was first put forward by Jordan Brizendine in August 2017, and developed further in early 2018 by Ives Blackwood and Glastieven T in the context of New Secessionism.

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