Macronational privilege

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Macronational Privilege as a term in Micronationalism is the idea that the law of the macronation of which the micronation had declared independence from should be incorporated into the law of the micronation too. Essentially, a micronation that "declares independence" from the United States should still obey and comply with all the laws and policies of the United States. Different micronations have different ways of dealing with micronational privilege.

Anti-Macronational Privilege

Micronations such as Sealand oppose macronational privilege and thus feel the need to make a full legal system from the ground up. Anti-macronational privilege micronations refuse to acknowledge that they are legally under the control of their macronation. It is for this reason that such micronations are Secessionist and refuse anything that could threaten their "sovereignty".

Macronational Privilege Micronations

Other micronations acknowledge that their greater authority is their macronation and thus choose to incorporate all their macronational laws into their constitution or in ways that the people follow them.

Empire of Adammia

Macronational privilege in the Empire of Adammia is a legal term which refers to the constitutional rights afforded to people who are landowners in Adammic territory according to macronational law, as well as the nominal supremacy of macronational law in general. Whilst the intent behind the principle is to reduce the chance of a legal conflict between Adammia and its macronational neighbours (mostly the United Kingdom), it has major consequences in greatly limiting Adammia's effective sovereignty over the territory it claims. In their article on law and order, Adammia says, "The Empire can create law which contradicts macronational law, but macronational law holds precedence, and contradicting it only amounts to a symbolic gesture. This means that macronational law - which, in most parts of Adammia, is English law - is de-facto part of Adammic law."


Floroistan also implements macronational privilege to prevent conflict. According to their article, "Floroistan follows the Swedish law system." This can show that Floroistan does not wish to cause conflict with their greater macronation, Sweden. It is also clear that the Floroist Legislature (if there is one) does not want to make any contrasting laws. To make an entire legal system from the ground up is time-consuming and tricky, so keeping to the macronational law can certainly take off pain from the citizens of Floroistan and keep the micronation stable.