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Floroistan is a micronation. Its history may be short but we can all remember it as a micronation people should look up to for its peace and neutrality. The name "Floroistan" comes from the Esperanto word "floro" which translates to flower, which is a reference to the blooming flower industry in the country. The word "Istan" comes from Persia and means "land". So the name of Floroistan is "Flower Land".

Coat of arms

Floroistan is a micronation.


Due to lack of sources, the exact date of the founding of Floroistan is unknown. Floroistan has been in no wars and is a relatively peaceful nation. Many of the systems of Floroistan are left vague and how they came about is unsure. The head of state of Floroistan is known as His Highness Edwin.

Politics and government

The ideology that Floroistan follows is Social Georgism.

Law and order

The war flag of floroistan
War flag

Floroistan follows the swedish law system. Cops don't usually wear heavy weapons and usually just patrol.


The nation doesn't really have a military, but training is optional to anyone who wants it.

The nation still has a war flag, or more of a battle flag incase of invasion.


Floroistan generally tries to avoid trade to save money and spend it on the citizens and other social services instead.

Culture and media

In floroistan, you don't tip at restaurants because it is required by law for restaurant owners to pay their employees. The minimum wage is 5 flokrona / per hour.


A standard Education in Floroistan consists of the main 5 subjects, which schools are required to teach to the students, the five main subjects are are math, English, History, biology and painting.

Other subjects can also be picked by the student itself.


The national languages of Floroistan are Swedish and English.