Bruno Cava

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Bruno Cava ORB

Speaker of the Parliament of Pasargada
Assumed office: Feb 11 2009
Preceded by: Mauricio Villacrez
Succeded by: Incumbent
Secretary-General of the League of Micronations
Mandate: Mar 3 2004-Sep 15 2004
Preceded by: Nicholas Nix
Succeded by: Igor MacCord
Personal information
Born: 13 February 1979 (1979-02-13) (age 44)
Birthplace: Santos, SP (Brazil)
In micronationalism since: Apr 2000
Macronationality: Italian, Brazilian
Micronationality Reunian (2000–01, 05-07)
Pasargadan (01-05, 08- )
Political Party: Pasargadan Heart
Residence: Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)

Bruno Cava ORB is a micronationalist, and Speaker of the Parliament of the Free Community of Pasargada.

He was initiated in micronationalism in the Holy Empire of Réunion in April 2000. Ultra-active, he became rapidly famous with the ineffable People's Tribune, his personal "trademark"; a polemical and opinionated mail-style newspaper. The Tribune has accumulated almost 200 regular editions from 2000 to 2009 and is considered not only a living witness of lusophone micronationry, but also one of the oldest micronational newspapers ever created.

In april 2001, he and seven other reunions founded the Free Community of Pasargada, with a strong concept and tenacious activity. Within second greatest nation in Lusophone sector, he eventually occupied all major offices and was directly responsible for several pasargadan resourceful contributions: Lusophone Commonwealth, Pasargadan realism, all-new micropatriology, unity comity, "micronationalism lato sensu" and pasargadist movement. He is also founder of Inverness canton and Pasargadan Heart political party.

In 2004, while leading Chancellery of Pasargada, he was elected and appointed Secretary-General for the League of Micronations (LoM), in which he served to the end of the mandate. Speaking five languages, he made a vast network of contacts in english, french, spanish, italian, german and polish micronationalism sectors.

Cava twice bearer of ORB

He was twice awarded with the second highest condecoration of Pasargada: the National Order Ruy Barbosa - ORB. He received the commendation in november 2002 and 2004, due to productive labour in many Pasargadan top offices, such as Premier, Prime-Speaker and Chancellor, as well as for his central role on Lusophone Commonwealth innauguration.

Bruno Cava, journalist, politician, diplomat, he has a distinguished activity in Pasargada and lusophone sector and worlwide, promoting Pasargadan ideals with ethics, critical judgement and elegance (...)

— Speech of Chancellor Rafael Figueira, November 5, 2004

In october 2005, he retourned to Réunion and immediately became its first fidelissimo confidente, with the crucial paper of "consiglière" of emperor Claudio de Castro. Then, he engaged with frantical passion as preëminent protagonist of Alvorada Project, an audacious set of initiatives to launch Réunion once again to the very top of micronationalism.

In april 2008, unfatigued, he once again retook his pasargadan citizenship and participated in the risorgimento of the veteran lusophone power. Fully active in 2009, he was re-elected as Speaker and has begun to publish People's Tribune from 181th edition on.

Nowadays, besides his office in the Parliament of Pasargada, he is again Vice-Chancellor for Anglophone Affairs, being responsible for conducting pasargadan diplomatic liaisons in english language.


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