Bruno Crasnek

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His Royal Highness
Prince Bruno Crasnek

Portrait and Heritor of Marajo's Coat
Minister of State of Pasargada
Assumed office: Jun 4 2009
Preceded by: Juliana Benedetti (SDP)
Prince Heritor of Marajó
Assumed office: Jun 2009
Preceded by: Julio Pablo Castañeda
Personal information
Born: 20 July 1987 (1987-07-20) (age 36)
Birthplace: Florianópolis, SC (Brazil)
Active since: Mar 2002
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Marajo (2002–06)
German Empire (2006–09)

Pasargada (2009-2009)

German Empire (2009-)

Political Party: -
Residence: Brasília, DF (Brazil)

Bruno Crasnek is a micronationalist, head of the Marajoaran Dinasty and Minister of State of the Free Community of Pasargada.

He was initiated in micronationalism in 2001 as a respected and industrious citizen of extinct Republic of Marajo, an average-size influent micronation of lusophone sector. Dynamical politician, he has ascended to President of Marajó three times, cumulating valious know-how in micronational administration.

He was also an animated diplomat, speccially within anglophone sphere, where he acted as legate before League of Secessionist States (LoSS), League of Micronations (LoM) and Latin American Micronation's Organization (OLAM).

That time, Crasnek was generally known for a top statesman, very influent with his lusophone counterparts.

In 2005, struggling against lusophone dissipation, he was an enthusiast of the Ibero-American Federation (FIA), an union that has involved the nations of Marajó, Orange and Andorra. The project has had a fine beginning, but ultimately failed and the three respectful micronations founded themselves dormant, by 2007.

In the last days of activity in Marajó, he was leading a monarchist movement that culminated in his acclamation as Marajoaran King. Later, that micronation sank into inactivity. Thanks to a complex line of successions, he was declared in 2009 the sole heir of Marajoaran Dinasty, with legitimate rights to marajoaran heritage. This claim was recognized officially by both Réunion and Pasargada, two most important nations of Lusophony.

Later, he moved on to the German Empire, a modest lusophone micronation, where he was less active than marajoaran days. Nevertheless, Crasnek has never ceased his micronational participation.

Finally, following vigorous Pasargadan risorgimento of 2008-09, Bruno joined the Free Community, where his experience and engagement have fastly carried him to top positions. Part of Pasargadan Heart House, he was appointed in José Luiz Borrás's cabinet for the most central government's branch: the Ministry of State, responsible for immigration and forum moderation activities.

Nowadays, besides conducting Ministry of State, he is working with Inverness' revitalization project as only anglophone Canton of Pasargada.

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