Igor Ravasco

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Igor Franco Ravasco
Portrait of Igor Ravasco.jpg
Portrait with his Argentinian son
Former Chancellor of Pasargada
Mandates: Apr 8 2001 - Dec 3 2002
Jun 13 2003 - Dec 7 2003
Oct 23 2008 - Mai 4 2009
Preceded by: Yuri Ghenov
Succeded by: André Cyranka
Personal information
Born: 2 January 1975 (1975-01-02) (age 47)
Birthplace: Arraial do Cabo, RJ (Brazil)
Active since: jan 2001
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Réunion (2001)
Pasargada (2001-)
Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Contact: igorravasco@yahoo.com.br

Igor Franco Ravasco is a micronationalist and former Chancellor of the Free Community of Pasargada in three different historical moments.

He was initiated in micronationalism in 2001 as a subject of Réunion, but almost immediately joined seven other reuniáns to start a new concept of micronationalism with the Free Community of Pasargada, a very famous lusophone micronation since april 2001.

Igor Ravasco has a unique feature: he is the only Pasargadan being a citizen from foundation's day till today. He has never emmigrated or relinquished his citizenship, becoming the oldest uninterrupted Pasargadan. All other seven Pasargadans, one way or another, have taken different paths, albeit some of them eventually returned to the Community. For this accomplishment, Igor is cheerfully called by some Pasargadans the exclusive "pasargadissíssimo" (the "most-most Pasargadan").

By far, he is the most assiduous and historically influent ex Chancellor of the Community. Totally, he has attended the office for almost three years. The first time, twicehe was re-elected, being Head of State of Pasargada from nation's beginning to december 2002, performing an impressivemandate of one year and eight months. Thus, he was ahead Pasargada in many crucial moments, leading foreign affairs' initiatives: Pasargadan Turn, the birth of Pasargadan realism and Lusophone Commonwealth. He has also occupied Pasargadan spot as Chancellor of Lusophone Commonwealth for a three-months period.

Over all years as Chancellor of Pasargada, Igor has earned a reputation of soberness and austerity, becoming one of the most respected micronationalists within lusophone sector. He was acclaimed with both Aruaque Prize and People's Tribune Trophy for Micronationalist of the Year (2001 and 2002). Furthermore, he was the first Pasargadan to be granted with the highest graduation among Pasargadan Chancellery, with the rank of "Master-Diplomat".

Igor is a poet and musician too. And he has composed many sonnets and ballads with micronational and Pasargadan content. In the 2003' edition of Mr. Micromundo, he was elected most charming lusophone in activity, by a grand jury of women from many micronations.

In 2009, he lost his re-election for the first time, to current Chancellor André Cyranka, by a 13-19 score (the third candidate, Vítor de Bourg, also scored 13 votes). Nevertheless, he has assumed the preëminent office of Vice-Chancellor for Hispanophones. Living in Buenos Aires, he is fluent in spanish and is helping Pasargada expand contacts all over Hispanohony.


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