Lordship of Inverness

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Lordship of Inverness
Coat of Arms
Motto: Tempus edax rerum
Government: Medieval Feudalism
Location: Non-territorial
Population: 0
Date of foundation: Apr 7th, 2001
Language: Portuguese and English
Demonym: Invernesian
Currency: Pasargadan Lire
Religion: Laicity
National Drink Whisky
National Animal Wolf
Website: Inverness at WikiPas
Micropatriology Nationhood, Simulationist

The Lordship of Inverness, or just Inverness, is an originary Canton of the Free Community of Pasargada.

Founded by Bruno Cava in the very beggining of Pasargada, in april 2001, Inverness was inspired by scottish culture and developed a familiar political structure based in clans. Many famous Pasargadans were also Invernesians, such as Yuri Ghenov, Andresa Cortes, Rafael Figueira, Guilherme Pagel and Henrique Rabelo. Along its history, the three invernesian clans were Wallace, Cawdor and Schivas.

Its peak population was reached in 2003, when 14 Pasargadans from the 3 clans lived together in the Canton. Some years later, Inverness felt in deep inactive and almost disappeared.

The patron of Inverness was William Shakespeare and it tried to be the first and only anglo-lusophone canton in the micronation. The iniative failed though.

As a result of the reincorporation of Sloborskaia, in september 2008, a local plebiscite decided on declaring Inverness officially dormant and most of the old citizens emmigrated to the Socialist Republic, the fifth Pasargadan canton. The situation persists until today.


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