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Felipe Aron OMB

Prime-Minister of Porto Claro
Assumed office: Jul 4 2009
Preceded by: Marcelo Brunella
Succeded by: Incumbent
Premier of Pasargada
Mandates: May-Jul 2004, Jan-Feb 2005 and Jul 2008 - May 2009
Preceded by: Yuri Ghenov
Succeded by: José Luiz Borrás
Personal information
Born: 19 January 1985 (1985-01-19) (age 38)
Birthplace: Santos, SP (Brazil)
Active since: Feb 2003
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Sloborskaia (2003),
Pasargada (2004–05, 2007–09),
URSS (2005-07),
Porto Claro (2009-)
Political Party: Social-Democracy Party (PSD)
Residence: Rua Artur Assis, nº25 apto 61 - Boqueirão - Santos-SP / CEP 11045-540
Contact: felipe_aron_85@yahoo.com.br

Felipe Aron OMB is a micronationalist, former Premier of the Free Community of Pasargada and presently Prime-Minister of West Porto Claro.

His first micronational enterprise was the Republic of Sloborskaia, a small simulationist sui generis micronation of lusophone sector. In 2003, he founded the nation with two friends as a communist-inspired regimen.

Felipe is the publisher of politically-oriented Pravda newspaper, an important media among lusophones with more than 60 editions.

In january 2004, thanks to Aron's adherence to Pasargadan realism, after a national plebiscite and diplomatic agreements, Sloborskaia was incorporated as fourth Canton of Pasargada. Immensely active, Aron was the key factor for the appeareance of Federalist Alliance (AFP), a new political house that very soon overtook power in Pasargada. In may 2004, he assumed highest Pasargadan office as Chief of Government. He has eventually resigned, due to intense pressure from Pasargadan World house, after famous Wundo's (generally considered) "illegal" moderation incident.

A very skillful and pragmatic politician, Aron was Premier of Pasargada three times, representing two different houses: Pasargadan Heart and Federalist Alliance. In every occasion, he could establish a solid "petit comité" around himself, with dedicated micronationalists. Although productive, he is also known for his bad temper. In 2005, while premier of Pasargada, he supported Sloborskaia Canton's secession, what would come true a few months later. Felipe then tried to be successful with the soviet-style micronation URSS, which merged Sloborskaia and Bervania. In the end of 2006, it ultimately failed and then Aron retook his Pasargadan citizenship.

His opus magnum was enthusiastically leading, together with his very active Minister André Cyranka, the risorgimento of Pasargada, from july 2008 to may 2009. A complete set of initiatives has driven the traditional lusophone power from the all-in-all inactivity to a fully prosper and functional micronation. This time, he made an outstanding accomplishment, as Pasargadan renovation spread out Lusophony, resulting in the fermenting year of 2009.

Aron is the sole bearer of OMB

For his unfatigued and exuberant contribution to the Free Community of Pasargada, even after his crimes agains the Free Community and agains its people, Aron is the only former Pasargadan awarded with micronation's highest condecoration: the Order of Manuel Bandeira (OMB) - "Ordem Nacional Manuel Bandeira".

Recognizing high services in the interests of Pasargada, for his unfatigued struggle for democratic principles, one of the most relevant politicians of Pasargadan revitalization, (...) I hereby grant Felipe Aron the most honourable condecoration of Pasargada.

— Speech of Chancellor Igor Ravasco, April 19, 2009

OMB Concession Act to Felipe Aron

In july 2009, after being outpowered by Pasargadan Heart, which formed the new Pasargadan government, Felipe Aron emmigrated to West Porto Claro, in order to apply his six-year impressive experience as portoclarian main leader.

Therefore, nowadays, he occupies the office of Premier of Porto Claro and publish the just-out "Lighthouse" newspaper.

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