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Pasargadan Heart House

Micronation Pasargada
Abbreviation CorPas
Foundation June 8, 2001
Orientation centre right-wing
Members 18
Governments Oct 01- Mar 02, Jul - Aug 02, Dec02 - Dec03, Oct - Dec 04, Jun 08 - Feb 09, Jun 09-
Total time in power 2 years and 11 months
Famous Premiers José Luiz Borrás, Leonardo Carrion, Bruno Cava, Felipe Aron

Pasargadan Heart House (Casa Coração Pasárgado/CorPas) is the most traditional and enduring political party of the Free Community of Pasargada.

Party's ideology is based in a combative defence and promotion of pasargadan values, such as realism, pasargadism and cultural democracy. Sometimes, CorPas is accused of excessive nationalism.

From 2001 to 2009, the House has produced almost ten governments within pasargadan parliamentarism, being part of every important event in the History of Pasargada.

In february 2009, after a strong revitalization of Pasargada, the House come together in the Ist Extraordinary Congress, in which it redefined goals, ideologies and programs for the future of micronationry.

New agenda of CorPas included sponsorship to copyleft and creative commons licenses, adoption of web 2.0, technological revolution inside micronationalism, increase of general seriousness.

Currently, Pasargadan Heart maintains a solid and comfortable majority in the Parliament of Pasargada, therefore making the empowered government, headed by prime-minister José Luiz Borrás (since jun 2009).

Present chief-director of CorPas (jul 2009) is Ygor Lazaro.


Pasargadan Heart in WikiPas (only portuguese)

CorPas Statute (only portuguese)

Final Resolution of I Extraordinary Congress of Pasargadan Heart (only portuguese)

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