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United Margraviates of Cenit (Portuguese) Margraviatos Unidos de Cenit
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: La vida empieza en Cenit
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Location: Non-territorial
Population: As of 17/07/09, 28
Date of foundation: October 14, 2004
Head of Canton: Seneschal Fábio Racoski
Language: Portuguese and Spanish
Demonym: Cenitian
Currency: Pasargadan Lire
Religion: Laicity
National Drink Calaguala
National Animal Condor
Website: Efatan Wiki
Micropatriology Nationhood, Realistic School

The United Margraviates of Cenit, or just United Margraviates, also known as "Serenissima Republica", MUC for its trigraph, or simply Cenit, is one of the five cantons constituing Free Community of Pasargada. Its main distinctive feature is being a genuinely bilingual canton. Most of the population speaks both spanish and portuguese and citizens aren't based only in Brazil, but also in Peru, Argentina and Colombia. Therefore, it is recognized as a unique piece of micronationry.

In 2004, pasargadan-peruvian pioneer Mauricio Villacrez engaged seriously in building an hispanophone minority inside Pasargada. A very polemical initiative, it was finally approved by november that year, and so the Canton of Pacifica was created. Later, Pacifica was rebaptized as Cenit (spanish word for zenith).

The canton has an original and complex political system that mixes successfully constitutionalism, federalism and feudalism. In the words of Villacrez, cenitian regimen incorporates "elements brought from lessons of greek historian Polibio, north-american federal democracy, british pure parliamentarism and middle-age feudalism".

Legislative power is enforced by the Council of Delos, which elect the executive officer: Seneschal. Judicial power is conducted by the Palatine, serving as Constitutional Court. The Statute of Cenit is the oldest cantonal constitution within the Free Community.

Besides the bilingual characteristic, Cenit has become famous because of most charming "Cenitian Week" (CW), which takes place twice a month. In the CW, cenitians celebrate together in literary meetings, declamation of poetry, music critique, zen activities and other cultural events.

Who is who

Seneschal Fábio Racoski (s. 2005, also publisher of satyrical "DOC")

Palatine Anderson Paiva (s. 2006)

Founder Mauricio Villacrez (s. 2003)

Micropatriologist Carlos Goes (s. 2008, also publisher of "The Socioculturalist")

Margravine Andreza Streitenberger (s. 2009)

Margravin Henrique Rabelo (2005–06, s. 2009)

Margravine Silvia Soares (s. 2009)

Poet Ozimar Júnior (s. 2009)

Margravin Bruno Crasnek (s. 2009, also Head of Marajoaran Dinasty)

Margravin and chess master Andre Lafayete (s. 2008)

Margravin and chess master Rafael Cruz (s. 2006)

Speaker from Cenit Bruno Cava (s. 2001-05, s. 2008)

Businessman Elton Sanders (s. 2009)

Margravine Flávia Souza (s. 2008)

Margravin Miguel Sobrinho (s. 2007)

Margravine Simone Barreto (s. 2006)

Margravin Leonardo Antonini (s. 2006)


Cenit Blog (portuguese and spanish)

Cenit in WikiPas (portuguese and spanish)

Yahoogroups of Cenit (portuguese and spanish)

Private Institute of Statistics (Elton Sanders)

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