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Prime-Minister of the Free Community of Pasargada
Current holder José Luiz Borrás
House in charge Pasargadan Heart
Term Lenght While trusted by Parliament
Formation April 2001, simultaneous to Foundation Act
Inaugural holder José Luiz Borrás
Number of holders 19 by Aug 2009

The Premier of Pasargada, office also called Prime-Minister or Chief of Government, is the most important position within Free Community of Pasargada political system.

Elected by the Parliament from majoritarian House, the Premier has a large set of Constitutional powers, in order to lead the micronation. It was occupied only by active, serious and very respected micronationalists since its creation, coincident with Pasargadan Foundation in April 7, 2001.

The Cabinet

Pasargadan Government, headed by the Prime-Minister, is the main responsible for national internal activity, handling several subordinated ministries, agencies and departments. All Government's actions are taken under supervision of the Parliament, which is empowered to vote confidence or no-confidence for each of the officers.

By August 2009, the Cabinet of the Prime-Minister contains following offices and respective functions:

  • Of. of the Deputy Prime-Minister: second-in-command, answers in premier's absence or in his name when demanded so.
  • Ministry of State: immigration and national integration
  • Ministry of Web: websites, wikis, community's channels etc
Code Development (CODEPAS): technological improving
  • Ministry of Defence: national security
Defensive Action Agency (ARMADA): intelligence and counter-intelligence
  • Ministry of Education and Culture: national cultural, scientifical and researching policies
Communitarian University (UniCM): state teaching institution
  • Ministry of Sports: national sports policies
  • Ministry of Activity: employment, social events, private initiative policies
  • Ministry of Economy: monetarization, currency, accounts, financing of the micronation
Pasargadan Enterprises Association (ASEMPAS): business and private initiative aids and organization
Communitarian Bank (BanCom): national official bank

Ministry of Communications: government marketing, private press policies

Free Express Agency (AGEL): state news agency
  • Ministry of Justice: civil and human rights

List of Pasargadan Premiers

Nº. Name House Canton From To Remarks
1st José Borrás Apr 01 Mar 02 Pasargadan Turn, primeval growth of micronation to 30 active
2nd Luciana Andrade Mar 02 Jun 02 Peaceful times, sometimes known as "Rose Pasargada"
3rd Leonardo Carrion Jun 02 Aug 02 Acute political crisis, turbulent creation of Imperial Andorra, resigned in August
4th Daniel Lunardi Aug 02 Dec 02 National Consensus Coalition Government of CorPas and CMP
5th Daniel Caires Dec 02 Apr 03 Birth of Pasargadism, first of CorPas' golden series of cabinets
6th Bruno CavaORB Apr 03 Dec 03 Pasargada hits 40 active for the first time
7th Bernardo de Alvarenga Jan 04 Mar 04 Incorporation of Sloborskaia as fourth Canton, resigned due to lack of motivation
8th Filipe Sales Apr 04 May 4 Low activity, resigned without accomplishments
9th Felipe AronOMB May 4 Jun 04 PAS nears 50 active, Wundo's moderation crisis, government falls and he resigns
Bernardo de Alvarenga Aug 04 Sep 04 Focus on Pasargadan culture, rebirth of Pasargadism
Bruno CavaORB Oct 04 Dec 04 PAS finally hits 50 active, flourishing of culture and micropatriology, Cenit fifth Canton
Felipe AronOMB Jan 05 Fev 05 Polemical government of Aron in which he defended Sloborskaia's secession
10th Peter Selke Mar 05 May 5
11th Marisa Kazama May 5 Sep 05 Secession of Sloborskaia, resigned
12th Henrique Rabelo Oct 05 Nov 05 Resigned
13th Fábio Racoski Nov 05 Jul 06 National semi-activity, beginning of political decadence
14th Rubens Figueiredo Aug 06 Sep 06
15th Rafael Figueira Oct 06 Nov 06
Fábio Racoski Nov 06 Dec 06 Resigned
16th Daniel Xisla Dec 06 Mar 07 First of indolent rulers, inactivity begins, population down to 20 active
17th Fernando Taques Apr 07 Aug 07 Second of indolent rulers, population down to 10-15 active
Rafael Figueira Aug 07 Sep 07 Endeavors a coup d'etat and takes power as de facto dictator
18th Leonardo Antonini Sep 07 Oct 07 Coup fails to motivate micro nation, serious inactivity, complete decline of political life
Nov 07 Feb 08 Pasargadan Dark Ages, activity reduced to a minimum, lowest point ever
19th Yuri Ghenov Feb 08 May 8 Re-establishment of Pasargadan democracy and activity
Felipe AronOMB Jun 08 Feb 09 Outstanding government of risorgimento with general recovery, PAS 30 active
Felipe AronOMB Feb 09 May 9 Second impressive gov. of risorgimento, rigthfully awarded with OMB, PAS up to 40 active
José Borrás Jun 09 Present Premier of Pasargada, continuing tenacious national development

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