Renan Halphen

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Renan Halphen

Leader of Opposition in Pasargada
Personal information
Born: 1 June 1989 (1989-06-01) (age 34)
Birthplace: Santos, SP (Brazil)
Active since: 2006
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Austro-Hungary (2006)
URSS (2006–07)
Pasargada (2007-)
Political Party: Social Democracy

Renan Halphen is a micronationalist, influent politician of the Free Community of Pasargada and technical publisher of the People's Tribune.

He was initiated in micronationalism in 2006 as a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a lusophone micronation now extinct. He almost instantly emigrated to URSS, a soviet-based micronation under leadership of former Pasargadan Felipe Aron, who would become his major ally in his micronational path.

Once URSS was finally extinguished, in 2007, he shifted to bigger Pasargada, being embraced as one of the most relevant citizens of the new generations. His main contribution to Pasargada has been site-building and technology development and research.

He supports strongly Wordpress' interfaces and all web 2.0 innovations. As a consequence, he has occupied a crucial role, as Minister of Technology and Web, in Felipe Aron's cabinets in 2009, helping the country tenacious risorgimento.

He defends new ideas for micronational advancement, such as macronational sponsorship, marketing investments and general modernization of micronationry, in order to prepare it for new challenges. Following this ideology, in July he reunited around himself several Pasargadans, such as André Cyranka and Vítor de Bourg, and founded a brand-new house: Social Democracy.

Moreover, he was contracted as new technical publisher of the almost legendary People's Tribune, with the mission of applying his undaunted vision into micronational media.

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