Pasargadan Commonwealth

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Pasargadan Commonwealth (Portuguese) Comunidade Pasárgada de Nações

1st Logo

2nd Logo
Motto: Gens una Summus
Anthem:Seven Head Animal (Zé Ramalho)
Government: Commonwealth headed by Pasargada
Political Division Two Cantons: Sparta and Sloborskaia, one Cohort-State Marajo, one Dominion Imperial Andorra and one Protectorate Avalon
Location: Non-territorial (nationhood)
Population: As of 08/17/09, 90
Date of foundation: August 18, 2009
Head of State: Chancellor André Cyranka
Language: Portuguese and Spanish (official)
Demonym: multiple
Currency: Pasargadan Lire
Micropatriology Nationhood, Realistic School

In August, 18th, 2009, the Free Community of Pasargada disclosed the Pasargadan Commonwealth, a heavy-weight initiative in order to regroup efforts and micronationalists in Lusophone Sector. The in-duty Chancellor André Cyranka announced the union of several historically relevant lusophone micronations related to Pasargadan micronationalism.

The Commonwealth makes Pasargada a nation of nations. All associated countries share the same Pasargadan citizenship, nonetheless not excluding secondary local nationalities. Although every member can activate autonomous diplomatic and territorial and administrative functions, accordingly to the Institution Act, weighty initiatives in external affairs demand Pasargadan Chancellery's sanction.


In November 2001, Pasargada and another lusophone nation Mallorca leaded the foundation of the Lusophone Commonwealth (LC). The idea was amalgamating energies against usual micronational dispersion. Later, Avalon has joined LC. Instead of growing, that Commonwealth didn't prosper, due to continuous negative campaigns of Pasargadan opponents and eventual Mallorca unilateral withdrawal, effectuve in 2004. LC was finally declared dormant by Pasargadan Chancellery in 2005, the same moment Avalon, which had also gone inactive, was taken as Protectorate of the Free Community.

In 2009, several years after primeval commonwealth initiative, Pasargada once again launched a heavyweight project. Now, five micronations one way or another related to the history and micronacionalism of Pasargada have affiliated as Founding Members.

Institution Act

Published in August 18, 2009, the Institution Act was signed by following legitimate leaders:

Chancellor André Cyranka

Prince Heir Vítor de Bourg Oldenberg, Head of Imperial Andorra's Dynasty

Prince Heir Bruno Crasnek, Head of Marajoaran Dynasty

King Rodrigo Mariano, aka Mariano de Ágide, Head of Sparta

President Renan Halphen, elected Leader

Protected by Pasargada since 2004, subscribed by the Pasargadan Chancellor himself

Associated nations

Pasargada (head-nation) Dominion of Andorra Cohort-State of Marajo Canton of Sparta Canton of Sloborskaia Protectorate of Avalon

Possible statuses

Accordingly to the Institution Act 2009, apart from Pasargadan central position as sponsor and leading micronation, there are four possible conditions within the Commonwealth:

Canton: Semi-autonomous and independent entity under Pasargadan Constitution 2001. Currently Sloborskaia (s. 2008) and Sparta (s. 2009) are associated under full Canton status.

Cohort-State: Associated nation activates functions of state (foreign affairs, security, nobility) and government (internal activity). Present example of Cohort-State is the Principality of Marajó.

Dominion: Associated nation activates only functions of state, but not government ones. Only lusophone micronation Imperial Andorra has joined the Commonwealth as Dominion.

Protectorate: Reserved to inactive projects, fully dependent of Pasargadan Chancellery and Government. Since the debacle of Lusophone Commonwealth in 2005, Avalon has protegé status before Pasárgada.

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