Yuri Ghenov

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Yuri Ghenov

Former Minister of Economy of Pasargada
Assumed office: Jun 6 2009
Preceded by: Thiago Ulianov
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Personal information
Born: Aug 13, 1973
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Talossa (1994–1997)
Atlantium (1997- )
Pasargada (2001-2011)

Pathros (2011- )

Political Party: None
Residence: QS 07 Rua 800 Lote 05 TB-104, Arniqueira - Brasília, DF - Brazil, Postal Code: 71971-540
Contact: ghenov.yuri@gmail.com

Yuri Ghenov is a micronationalist, and former Minister of Economy of the Free Community of Pasargada.

He was initiated in micronationalism in the old Kingdom of Talossa, in 1994.

Afterwards, in 1998, he became Legate to the South America of the Atlantium Empire, and remains so on.

In 2001, Ghenov was integrated to the Free Community of Pasargada, where he occupied the highest offices in the Government and Chancellery. Although he is one of the five founders of Pasargadan Heart House, since 2008 he has decided to remain without any political party, due to the crimes of Mr. Felipe Aron against the Free Community of Pasargada. In 2010, he decided to leave the Free Commnunity of Pasargada, to just keep his efforts in the Atlantium Empire.

After some months of micronational activities, he received an invation to join the Kingdom of Heraldia. Its kingdom joined the Sacred Kingdom of Pathros, and bacame Pathros Empire (Império de Pathros).

His major micronational work is oriented through the development of the economy of micronations.

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