National Order Ruy Barbosa

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National Order Ruy Barbosa - ORB

Awarded by the Free Community of Pasargada
Type: Order with a single degree
Awarded For: Extensive accomplishments in behalf of Pasargada or micronationry in general
Established: 2nd Oct 2002
Subjects: Pasargadan and friends of Pasargada
Opportunity: Only in Ruy Barbosa's Day (Nov 5th)
First Awarded: 5th Nov 2004
Next (higher): Order of Manuel Bandeira
Next (lower): Pasargadan Order of Merit
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The National Order Ruy Barbosa (Portuguese: Ordem Nacional de Rui Barbosa - ORB), also known as Order of the Haia Eagle, is the second highest condecoration given in the Free Community of Pasargada.

The ORB commendation was created on October 2, 2002, by the 3rd Section of Condecorations Parliamentary Act - 2002. It can be awarded to both active Pasargadan citizens and micronationalists in general.

Pasargadan law restricts to twice ORBs' concession per year, and only in Ruy Barbosa's anniversary, in November 5. The Chancellor of Pasargada is allowed to grant the Order by previously requesting Parliamentary approval, which decides favourably or not and has the last word.


The Haia Eagle

Ruy Barbosa (1849-1926), Brazilian diplomat, politician, writer and lawyer. He occupied a vital position in the Conference of Haia (1907) and inspired directly Brazilian first republican constitution (1889). Ruy is widely known for his rethorical and argumentative virtues, writing dense essays on political and social sciences. He is founder of Brazilian Academy of Writers, seating on the 10th chair, and was its president from 1908 to 1919. His birthday is celebrated through a communitarian official holyday in 5 November, same date the ORB is given.


I. Bruno Cava ORB, the so far sole Pasargadan to receive nation's second highest honour. He collected it twice.

Firstly, it was endowed on November 9, 2002, bu acting Chancellor Igor Ravasco, ob behalf of Cava's central role in the establishment and construction of Lusophone Commonwealth.

(...) mr. Cava, a controversial journalist, loved or hated, but nevertheless a diplomat that before everything else works, thinks, sweats and struggles for his nations.

— Speech of Chancellor Igor Ravasco, November 9, 2002

He was honoured with ORB a second time on November 5, 2004, by accedence of in-duty Chancellor Rafael Figueira, after procedural approval in Pasargadan Parliament. Now, he earned it due to productive labour in many Pasargadan top offices, such as Premier, Prime-Speaker and Chancellor.

Bruno Cava, journalist, politician, diplomat, he has a distinguished activity in Pasargada and lusophone sector and worlwide, promoting Pasargadan ideals with ethics, critical judgement and elegance (...)

— Speech of Chancellor Rafael Figueira, November 5, 2004

II. Paulo Quelhas ORB, from (now extinct) Republic of Mallorca, received the condecoration in the same occasion of the 1st concession to Bruno Cava, aforementioned, in Nov 9, 2002. At the time, he was president of Mallorca and was the main responsible, by mallorcan side, for the inauguration of Lusophone Commonwealth.

(...)Paulo Quelhas, one of main Lusophone Commonwealth pillars, thank you in the name of Pasargada for your everlasting friendship and extensive efforts on behalf of a better micronational world.

— Speech of Chancellor Igor Ravasco, November 9, 2002


1st ORB Concession Act to Bruno Cava

2nd ORB Concession Act to Bruno Cava

ORB Concession Act to Paulo Quelhas

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