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His Royal Highness
Prince Vítor de Bourg Oldenberg
also His Imperial Highness, Prince Heir of Andorra
File:Portrait of Vítor de Bourg.jpg
Portrait and Personal Coat of Arms
Prince Regent of Efaté, of Pasargada

Efaté's Prince Coat of Arms
Assumed title: May 23, 2008
Prince Heritor of Andorra

Andorra's Prince Coat of Arms
Assumed title: Jan 22, 2007
Preceded by: José Luiz Borrás
Personal information
Born: 12 August 1985 (1985-08-12) (age 38)
Birthplace: Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)
Active since: Apr 2000
Macronationality: Portuguese, Brazilian
Micronationality Réunion (2000–01)

Pasargada (2001–02, 2008- )
Andorra (2002–07)
German Empire (2007–08)

Political Party: Social Democracy
Residence: São Paulo, SP (Brazil)
Contact: vitordebourg@pasargada.net

Vítor de Bourg is a micronationalist, head of the Andorran Dinasty and Prince of Efaté's Canton, of the Free Community of Pasargada.

He was initiated in micronationalism in 2000 as an industrious politician of Réunion. Initially affiliated to Imperial Dinasty Party, later he has joined legendary Democratic Humanist Union (UNIDA), being elected his president. UNIDA was the experiment and seed for future Free Community's ideas and proposals. In April 2001, Vítor and seven companions from UNIDA decided to start a new micronation, Free Community of Pasargada.

Besides founder of Pasargada, he is also creator of Efaté's Canton, the first Pasargadan division to be cultivated in monarchical regimen and style, intended to absorb a french atmosphere. Much years later, in the very beginning of Pasargadan risorgimento, in 2008, he was acclaimed Prince of Efaté, title in which he remains until today.

Throughout his career, he has ascended to first-class diplomat of Pasargada, working almost always as Vice-Chancellor for Francophone Affaris, thanks to his fluency in French language.

As journalist, he was responsible for second most ancient Pasargadan newspaper, "frenchly" called Le Chemin.

In August 2002, in face of political critical dissent at Pasargada, he and a dozen fellow citizens resigned their offices and moved on to launch another micronational project, Andorra Imperial, a respectful well-organized small-to-average size lusophone micronation, know to be first "daughter"-nationette of the Free Community.

Since August 18, 2005, His Imperial Highness is married with Her Imperial Highness Taís Hohenstaufen de Bourg Oldenberg, Princess of El Serrat, of Andorra.

In Andorra, he has become second-in-command with the title of Prince Heir. Moreover, he has escalated to the high offices of Senate's Speaker and Imperial Chancellor. With José Luiz Borrás retirement (later reverted) in 2007, he was saluted Emperor of Andorra. Neverthess, months later entire project of Andorra would sink into inactivity and was finally and officially dismantled, by Vítor himself, in August 12, 2007 (Act of Dissolution).

After a short period as citizen of German Empire, a modest micronation in lusophone sector, founder of Pasargada bounced back to his motherland, in April 2008. One month after his return, Efatans decided unanimously to restore monarchy and acclaimed him new Prince Regent of Efaté.

Politically, he has remained active in Federalist Alliance re-established, from February 2008 on. He was appointed by Premier Felipe Aron (AFP) for top position Deputy Prime Minister, which he exerted to the end of mandate, in June 2009.

Since July 2009, notwithstanding, Vítor has been acting as member of brand-new Social Democracy, leaded by Renan Halphen.

Awards and decorations

Andorran Grand Master of the Order of the Purple Cross

Efatan Grand Master of the Holy Order of Saint Moritz

Andorran Grand Master of the Order of Foreigner Merit (Ordre del Mèrit Estranger in catalan)

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