Pasargadan Federalist Alliance

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Pasargadan Federalist Alliance
Micronation Pasargada
Abbreviation AFP
Foundation Feb 2004
Orientation center-left wing
Members 5
Governments Mai 04 - Jun 04, Jan - Feb 05, Mar - Mai 09
Total time in power 7 months
Famous Premiers Felipe Aron

Pasargadan Federalist Alliance (Aliança Federalista de Pasárgada/AFP) was founded in february 2004. Along its history, it has established a strong basis in the pasargadan Canton of Sloborskaia, within Free Community of Pasargada. Its ideology focus cantonal promotion as a priority, de-centralization of political power and universalism in foreign affairs.

All three governments of AFP were headed by its main leader Felipe Aron.

Presently, the Alliance has been constantly losing members to the brand-new House, Pasargadan Socialdemocracy (SDP).


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