Fábio Racoski

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Fábio Pedro Racoski
Seneschal of Cenit's Canton, of Pasargada
Personal information
Born: 12 January 1982 (aged 27)
Birthplace: Curitiba, PR (Brazil)
Residence: Curitiba, PR (Brazil)
Active since: April 2005
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Pasargada (2005-)
Political Party: Social Democracy
Contact: arsayau@gmail.com

Fábio Racoski is a micronationalist, influent politician of the Free Community of Pasargada and satirical newspaper DOC's publisher.

Left-winger, he is considered by some the most libertarian Pasargadan of all times. He is indeed a very crowd-pleasing citizen before every internal group. As a matter of fact, Fábio is considered by many the closest to a national bard, or rhapsodist, of Free Community of Pasargada.

He was initiated in micronationalism in 2005 as Pasargadan and has never changed micronationality ever since. Therefore, he is one of several veteran citizens sometimes called pasargadíssimo ("most-Pasargadan").

Since the beginning, Fábio become quite active in cultural matters. With his artistical abilities, he occupied Pasargadan office of Minister of Culture and Education three different times. He is also part of Cenit's primeval idealists, assembling together with Mauricio Villacrez and other cenitiáns main cultural foundations of that singular Canton.

Besides musician, Fábio is a poet too. He was responsible for three literaty national reunions, in 2005, 06 and 07. On the other hand, in journalism, his main theme has been cheerful parodies of political and intermicronational events, sparing no one.

In politics, he was part of four different parties in his four years of activity. He was founder of left-wing Free Pasargada House (CLiP), in which he gathered top Pasargadans offices as Prime-Speaker and Prime-Minister (thrice each), in 2006-07. In 2008, on behalf of Aristocratic Revival moment in Cenit, he joined the Cenitián Nation Party (PNC). Later, in february 2009, he moved on for Felipe Aron's Pasargadan Federalist Alliance (AFP) and, finally, in july 2009, joined brand-new Social Democracy (SDP).

Nowadays, he acts as Seneschal (chief of government) of Cenit, continues with his parodycal publications and works as Mayor of Communitarian University.

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