Principality of Efaté

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Principality of Efaté (Portuguese) Principado de Efaté
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: Justice and Peace and Home
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Location: Non-territorial
Population: As of 17/07/09, 17
Date of foundation: April 7, 2001
Head of Canton: Prince Vítor de Bourg
Language: Portuguese
Demonym: Efatan
Currency: Pasargadan Lire
Religion: Laicity
National Drink Wine
National Animal Awe
Website: Efatan Wiki
Micropatriology Nationhood, Realistic School

The Principality of Efaté, commonly known as Efaté, is one of the seven primeval Cantons of Free Community of Pasargada. Thus, it is as old as the Community itself, with continuous activity since april, 2001. Besides Efaté, only Icaria, of the five existing today, primely called "Espírito Santu", is an opening canton of Pasargada. Although since august 2001, Pasargada has been adopting strict realism, Efaté was chosen to receive pasargadan symbolical capital-city: Port-Vila.

Present Prince Regent of Efaté happens to be its own pristine founder, His Royal Highness Vítor de Bourg. He endeavours to establish a french atmosphere over Efaté, albeit there have never been francophones living there. Side by side with Diarchy of Sparta, the Principality is a monarchy inside a republican micronation, a situation that nonetheless has granted to both Cantons a full member status within Micronational Monarchies Organization (OML).

Efaté is member of ITM

The Principality of Efaté collaborates with the Institute of Monarchical Traditions, based in Pasargada, and is a common destiny for pasargadan monarchical enthusiastics.

Notwithstanding, in the past, Efaté crossed some historical chapters as an old-roman-style dictatorship and also as a regular republic. Since may 4th, 2008, the canton has restored traditional monarchy as an autonomous principality.


Efaté is a constitutional monarchy with two princes. First is the regent, head of efatan house. Second is a temporary prince occupied by the prime-minister of Pasargada, named "Prince of Port-Vila".

Promulgated in august 2008, the Statute of the Principality defines prerrogatives of both princes. The regent is responsible in leading public administration, organizating elections, ratifying laws and acting as maximum representative of the Canton. The prince of Port-Vila, on the other hand, grants noble titles to efatans, in a common act with regent.

Legislative power is bicameral. The Chamber of Democrats, composed by elected officials of Efaté, has the prerrogative of sharing power with the Regent in law making and executive acts. The Chamber of Aristocrats, formed by the nobility, has exclusive powers to preserve and apply the Statute and the Constitution of Pasargada to maintain order in the Canton.

Since may, 2009, Efaté has a Secretary-General, appointed in order to administrate executive power in His Royal Highness’ name.


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