Michelle Fransan

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Michelle Fransan

Minister of Communications of Pasargada
Personal information
Born: 19 May 1979 (1979-05-19) (age 45)
Birthplace: São Paulo, SP (Brazil)
Residence: Douro (Portugal)
Active since: 2003
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Governo Virtual (2008–09)Pasargada (2009-)
Political Party: None
Contact: fransan@ymail.com

Michelle Fransan, also known as Mimi, is a micronationalist and Minister of Communications of the Free Community of Pasargada, known for her spiky interventions in politics and culture.

She was iniatiated in micronationalism as right-wing politician of Governo Virtual (GV), an unorthodox average-sized non-simulationist lusophone micronation based in Orkut. In GV, she has stayed for almost a year intensely within its political-exercise style of micronationry. There, she leaded two relevant offices: Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2009, she finally became citizen of Pasargada. With salty and hard-line rhetorics, Michelle easily made friends and enemies, always in the heart of national activity.

After a short term as Minister of Felipe Aron's Government and affiliate to the Pasargadan Federalist Alliance (AFP), she shifted to Pasargadan Heart's ally, helping the political U-turn that happened some months later.

Although newly grounded in Pasargada, she was appointed by Chancellor André Cyranka as Vice-Chancellor for Lusophones, being responsible for conducting Pasargadan business within lusophone sector.

Currently, she is Minister of Communications of José Borrás' cabinet, exerting her special proficience on publicity. Her ministry's better known accomplishment is the well-organized Communitarian Official Daily (DOC).

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