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Main page, June 2022
Type of site
Micronational wiki
Available inPortuguese
OwnerPedro Aguiar
Launched10 February 2006

Wikimicropídia is a Brazilian Portuguese-language micronational open collaboration (wiki) online encyclopaedia founded by Lusophone sector pioneer Pedro Aguiar on 10 February 2006. It was originally the official Portuguese-language edition of the English-language MicroWiki, with said status essentially being deprecated after MicroWiki's migration from Wikia in November 2010. As of June 2022, Wikimicropídia had 2,809 articles, with at least two thirds having been written or imported by Aguiar from his previous work, including Enciclopédia Jéssica and the English-language Micronations DataBase.


On 10 February 2006, Wikimicropídia was founded by Pedro Aguiar, former king of the Kingdom of Porto Claro, as a Portuguese-language version of the English MicroWiki. Hosted on the wiki hosting service Wikicities (later Wikia and now Fandom) it was located at pt.micronations.wikicities.compt being the ISO 639-1 language code for Portuguese. Aguiar, who had been an early pioneer of the micronational Lusophone sector in the late 1990s, imported entries to Wikimicropídia from his micronational enyclopedia Enciclopédia Jéssica, the League of Secessionist States' English-language Micronations DataBase—which he also created—and his online book História Completa de Porto Claro (Complete History of Porto Claro). Other sources included the Porto Claro Central Database and Micropédia.

A link to Wikimicropídia was added to the main page of MicroWiki on 27 February. By 3 March, Wikimicropídia had amassed over 600 articles, and reached its 1,000th article on 5 March. It would then reach 2,000 articles on 16 October, and possibly became inactive around January 2007. In November 2010, MicroWiki migrated from Wikia to an independent private server, abandoning the old website on Wikia. As the move was supported by the majority of the administrators and community at the time, the private server was seen as the legitimate MicroWiki. Thus, all association between MicroWiki and Wikimicropídia—which had only been connected due to Wikia—was severed. As of June 2022, Wikimicropídia had 2,809 articles.

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