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The current date is
16 February 2019
1 micronation was founded in 2006.


January 22nd - Tom Yusuf Kap leader of the Principality of Duke is born. This marks the start of the Topek calendar.




  • Unknown - The Midget Hunters organise a massive attack against the Midget Empire. The Midget Army and their allies, led by Thomas, retreat from a huge army of Midget Hunters and rebels on the field. The Midget Base, defended by Midget Master Jonathan and only a few guards, falls to a large Midget Hunter force. Gregory leads a force of Quietarians to rescue Midget Master Jonathan, and then the two of them turn the tide of the battle on the field. The Midget Hunters are eventually defeated.
  • Unknown - The Quiet Area becomes a protectorate of the Midget Empire, and Thomas conquers the Quiet Area Pathway.


  • Unknown - The first incarnation, which was not serious, of Petorio was founded.
  • Unknown - The Quiet Area rebels against being under the control of the Midget Empire. Midget Master Jonathan leads the Quiet Area garrison in successfully holding out against the rebel forces until reinforcements under Thomas arrive. The rebels are defeated.
  • Unknown - Midget Master Jonathan leads a successful campaign to conquer the Upper Playground. Start of the Pax Midgetana.
  • 27th - The Battle of Lake Jean in the Molossian-Mustachistani War: Victory for the Molossian Naval Forces of New Antrim (The Atlantic Fleet) commanded by Grand Admiral Hess, over the Mustachistani navy.
  • 29th - The Battle of Black Lizard Canyon in the Molossian-Mustachistani War: Victory for the Molossian Naval Infantry against the Mustachistani Army.


  • Unknown - The Footballers declare an "eternal alliance" with the Midget Empire.
  • 4th - The Battle of Rattlesnake Rift in the Molossian-Mustachistani War: victory for the Molossian Naval Infantry over the Mustachistani Army.
  • 8th - Peace is declared between Mustachistan and the Republic of Molossia, the later having won the war.


  • Unknown - Crisis in the Midget Empire as the truth finally dawns that all of its leaders will be leaving the school for secondary school. "Time capsules" about the Midget Empire are placed around the school and Midget Master Jonathan sends a mission to the Infant's playground to tell them about the Midget Empire in desperate attempts to make sure that it will be remembered.
  • 31st - Midget Master Caroline officially succeeds her brother, Midget Master Jonathan, as ruler of the Midget Empire. End of the Pax Midgetana.



  • 1st - Cameron Koehler is born to Linda Orozco and Paul Koehler in Celebration, Florida.
  • 4th - Midget Master Caroline returns to school after the summer holidays, but has no interest in ruling. The Midget Empire, being extremely centralised on the leadership of the Midget Master, quickly disintegrates.
  • 15th - Kingdom of Lutherania is established by the House of Cragg-O'neill
  • 16th - POMHB Colony established as a colony of the Empire of Somple



  • 7th - Phoklandian politician Maxine Diggity Ross is born


  • 4th - Forces from Molossia launch an attack on Mustachistan and destroy the controversial Goatshead rocket, deemed to be a threat to regional security.
  • 21st - Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia is founded.

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