House of Campinia

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House of Campinia
Country Principality of Campinia
 Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
TitlesDuke of Campinia
Duke of Barbore,
Count of Toxandria,
Count of Vollmer,
Baron of Flandrensis,
Baron of Longfield
Grand Master of the Campinian Orders
Former Titles
Grand Prince of Campinia
Prince of Campinia
Current headElias of Campinia
EthnicityGerman, Dutch,

The House of Campinia (also refered as Campinia-Salphen) is the ruling royal family of the Duchy of Campinia which reigns by constitutional, hereditary right over the nation of Campinia. Unlike most other micronatinal dynasties, Only dynastic members of the House of Campinia are eligible to inherit the throne, and the dynasty's membership, rights and responsibilities are defined by a law of the family, which is enforced by the reigning Duke and may be altered by vote among the family's dynasts, but which may not be altered by the Government or the Grand Constable of Campinia