Orders, decorations, and medals of Campinia

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Campinia has since its foundation rich history of heraldic orders There are eight main decorations awarded by the Duke of Campinia, in addition to several other medals.

Current orders

A list of the Ducal Orders, of Campinia

Order of the Pinecone
Orde van de Dennenappel
Highest order of Campinia, awarded by the Duke
Order of the Red Elephant
Orde van de Rode Olifant
Grand Cross
for personal services to the Duke
Order of the Lion
Orde van de Leeuw
Knight officer
Grand Cordon
Services. At the discretion of the Duke.
Order of Saint Lawrence
Orde van Saint Lawrence
Knight (Ridder)/ Commander (Commandeur)/ Grand Cross (Grootkruis)
Services in the literature. At the discretion of the Duke.
Order of Merit for Arts
Orde van Verdienste voor de Kunsten
For artical achievements Can be adviced by the Grand Constable.
Order of Merit
Orde van Verdienste
Ridder (Knight)/Officier(Officer) / Grootofficier (Grand Officer)
achievements in the sciences and the promotion of the Campinian culture
Order of Mary
Orde van Maria
Knight (KODS)
Female Order
Order of Campinia
Orde van Campinia
Member (Lid)/ Officer (Officier) / Commander (Commandeur) / Knight of Dame Commander (Ridder of Dame Commandeur) / Knight or Dame Grand Cross (Ridder of Dame Grootkruis)
Sate order The Duke presented this order, alone, or on the advice of the Grand Constable.

The Secretary for Home Affairs can also be potential carriers advice to honor the Duke and Grand Constable.

Awarded for: only Campinian citizens can get this right if they have made a significant achievement for the Duchy of Campinia

Historical orders

  • Order of the Red Griffin
  • Order of Frans
  • Order of Charles
  • Order of Guillaume